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XLR Stats Webfront

available here: http://xlr.proclan.it/
XLRstats v3 Has Lots of New Features
Leagues & Leaderboards
Leagues is one of the main new features in XLRstats v3. With leagues, your player base is divided into several skill based leagues such as 'Expert League', 'Premier League', 'Major League', and 'Boot Camp'.
XLRstats v3 also includes the new Leaderboards feature. Similar to Leagues, your player base is divided into 'Newby Leaderboard', 'Veterans Leaderboard', 'Regulars Leaderboard' and 'Admins Leaderboard'.
Players are Encouraged to Compete and Advance to Higher Leagues.
Detailed Player Statistics
With XLRstats v3, you will be able to view detailed player statistics such as your current rank, kill/death ratio, skill rating, team kills, team deaths, suicides, win streak and much more!

XLRstats v3 also adds many new tabs in player statistics page. For example, the Personal Achievements Tab now has pins, ribbons, and medals. The Opponents Tab includes win probability, skill gained and much more. Register, identify, and view your own B3 information and penalties with ease. Compare yourself to your opponents and compete for the top spot.
Learn How to Improve and Become a Better Player with XLRstats!
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List Player Penalties
XLRstats v3 also allows you to display player penalties. Players who have been kicked, warned, or banned by your admins are listed in a separate searchable page with all the details of their penalty. Players with penalties can also use this page to see exactly why they got punished. Players who been banned, either temporarily or even permanently, can use these pages to appeal their ban.

Game server administrators can also use this page to keep track of what their admins are doing.

Distinguish Your Server From the Others!

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